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Do you find it difficult to connect your children to Samoan culture living outside of Samoa? Tamaiti can help teach your child Samoan language and culture through fun and informative videos. We use arts and crafts, activities, play, singing, dancing and even yoga to teach your child Samoan words and Samoan culture. We also include a workbook that enhances the learning outside of the videos. Tamaiti means children and this program is aimed at children aged 0 to 5 (although some older children may enjoy it too). We have an Early Childhood Educator Adviser to ensure what we teach is in line with Australian Early Childhood Framework. Don't let your child feel plastic when they grow up.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to Use Tamaiti

    • How to use Tamaiti

  • 2

    Transport - Fela'uaiga

    • Land - Ele'ele

    • Sea - Sami

    • Air - Ea

    • Transport Workbook

  • 3

    Weather - Tau

    • Rainy - Timuga

    • Sunny - Laina

    • Windy - Matagi

    • Cold - Malulu


  • 4

    Music - Musika

    • Instruments

    • Singing

    • Rhythm

    • Pitch


  • 5

    Clothes - Ofu

    • Sports Clothes

    • Church Clothes

    • School Clothes

    • Home Clothes


  • 6

    Samoan Alphabet - Pi Tautau

    • Alphabet 1

    • Alphabet 2

    • Alphabet 3

    • Alphabet 4


  • 7

    O A'u

    • O A'U 1

    • O A'U 2


Connect your child with Samoa

so they don't feel out of place

Youth today have said an issue they face is a feeling of disconnect from their culture. Form the connection to Samoan language and culture early with Tamaiti video subscription. A fun way to learn without attending school.
Learn through play

Tamaiti User Reviews

5 star rating


Brenda Paraha

This course was easy to follow and user friendly. The pre-schoolers of our family really enjoyed the content and we loved hearing them attempt to pronounce ...

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This course was easy to follow and user friendly. The pre-schoolers of our family really enjoyed the content and we loved hearing them attempt to pronounce the words and learning the language of our ancestors Thank-you Measina Samoa for providing this type pf content for our children to learn.

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4 star rating


Ada Reed

Lelei tele

Lelei tele

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Tamaiti Host

Morwenna Petaia

Morwenna has worked in the Education sector for more than 10 years. She has taught in Hawaii, Samoa as well as Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Pacific Island Studies, a Master of International and Community Development and a Graduate Certificate in Marketing. Morwenna is a child at heart and loves working with children and sharing her Samoan culture.


Each month we add new learning videos and worksheets for your child to learn Samoan, this is why there is a monthly subscription.


A Need for our Pacific Island community

Johanne Taupau

Thank you for your support and teaching my 3 kids (all U5 yrs) the beautiful Samoan culture through: traditional arts, stories, song and dance. Teaching children at this age, I strongly believe it gives a child the confidence of cultural belonging. Your workshop is a NEED for our Pacific Island community and should be introduced into the Victorian Early Years Framework!!! Keep Up your Amazing Work! Cheers Joh!!

Loved the Lesson

Rubys Day Dreams

You are the best! Loved the lesson

Trying to find education with no connections has been hard

Alexa Aleve

Trying to find education with no connections has been hard, thank you for this :)


  • Are the videos completely in Samoan?

    No. All Tamaiti videos are in English and Samoan as we know there are parents who don't speak Samoan fluently. This way parents can learn with their children.

  • How do we access the videos?

    All Tamaiti videos can be accessed from any smart device (laptop, phone, tablet, smart tv). Head to and enter your log in details.

  • Why is it a subscription and not a one off price?

    Each month we add new videos and worksheets for your child to learn. This means that you will need to pay for the new content. If you no longer wish to subscribe you can unsubscribe at any time. There are no contracts.

  • What time are the videos shown?

    All videos are accessible to you at any time you wish to access them. If you like to watch them in the mornings, watch them in the mornings. If you want to use them as an afternoon treat watch them in the afternoon. You decide when and where to watch the Tamaiti videos.

  • What materials do we need?

    You don't need any materials to watch Tamaiti. We show you how to do various arts and crafts activities which you can choose to make at a time that suits you. These are optional and your child will still learn just from watching.