Do you feel like your Inner Warrior is silenced?

Connect to tradition and find your strength

Living overseas we are bombarded with western ways of life. Sometimes it is so loud that our connection to Samoan traditions and culture are suppressed. When Samoan warriors returned from war they told of their battles through ailao, the spinning and entertaining throwing and catching of Samoan war clubs. This art form has evolved over time to Siva Afi (Fire Knife Dancce). Do you want to build your confidence and feel the strength of a warrior?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to use Measina Siva Afi Online Beginner's Course

    • How to use Siva Afi Beginner's Online Course

  • 2

    Siva Afi History

    • Siva Afi History

    • Siva Afi History

  • 3

    Make a Practice Stick

    • How to Make a Practice Stick

    • Practice Stick Shopping List

  • 5

    Level 2

    • Vili Kua i luga

    • Between the Legs

    • Around the Legs

    • Numchucks

    • Tornado

  • 6

    Level 3

    • Kakai Catch Under Leg

    • Kakai Behind the back

    • Around the neck

    • Vili Tasi Right

    • Vili Tasi Left

  • 7

    Beginner Routine

    • Routine Part 1

    • Routine Part 2

    • Routine Part 3

  • 8

    Course Close

    • Close Remarks

    • Siva Afi Beginner's Course Feedback

Sick of being told you can't do that?

Ethnicity and Gender are not barriers for Siva Afi

Nafanua, a Samoan Chieftess, wielded war clubs and showed the country she was a formidable warrior. Siva Afi is a sport and requires practice, commitment and discipline. Championships are held worldwide and are very competitive. Be like Nafanua and show the world you can do anything you put your mind to.
Measina Siva Afi Fire Knife Dance


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Keep more tutorials coming


Cheers bro! Keep more tutorials coming. I’m learning from you! 🤙🏾


Siva Afi Beginner's Course

Siva Afi Instructor

Logan Tapuala

Logan Tapuala is the beginner and intermediate Siva Afi Instructor. He has learned from some of the best including Faimafili Skivi Laulu, Victor Vitaliano, Moemoana Schwenke, Justyce Edmonds, and Rex Tiumalu. He is also self taught, learning from videos on the internet and practising regularly. Logan has performed in front of thousands at a Climate Rally and in front of a School. Logan has taught many workshops to students in Sydney, New Zealand, Melbourne and Hawaii. He may only be 17, but he has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Pricing options

You can pay all at once or set up a payment plan.

Don't know if you are old enough? too old?

Siva Afi is for all ages

If you can hold a stick and move your hand while walking, you can Siva Afi. Our beginner's class uses only practice sticks and is safe for all. Siva Afi gives students confidence in performing in front of people. Siva Afi can provide a feeling of strength and connection to ancient warrior knowledge as they wield the Samoan war club.
Siva Afi is for all ages


  • Do I need any experience before enrolling in the Beginner's Course?

    The Measina Siva Afi Beginner's Course is designed for students who have little to no experience in Siva Afi. We give you the foundations needed to begin your Siva Afi Journey.

  • How long will it take me to master Siva Afi?

    Like any sport you will continually be learning on your Siva Afi journey. This course will have you proficient in the basics of Siva Afi.

  • Does this course offer a money back guarantee?

    Yes, if you're not 100% satisfied with this course - we'll be glad to give you a refund within 1 month of purchase.